Is It Okay To Start Out With Extreme Weight Loss Methods?

Someone who is severely overweight may decide to lose the weight as quickly as possible. It is easy to see why. Society bombards everyone with messages that they need to eat less. Sometimes this is tied to beauty standards. The world’s highest paid models are usually thin. The common stereotype accuses all of them of having eating disorders.  Men considered to be attractive are rarely muscle bound. They, too, fall into a certain weight category and maintain certain looks. If it is not media, doctors constantly tell people that they weight too much. For the average American, this is true. It is easy why some people decide to use extreme weight loss methods.

While no doctor would tell an overweight patient that they should not lose weight, they would caution such a patient to do it in a healthy manner. Rapid weight loss, like weight gain, is a symptom of many illnesses. Losing pounds too quickly can be just as hard on the body’s systems as carrying that weight around. Someone may suffer from dehydration, stomach problems or bowel problems depending on the method uses. The smart person starts out with a goal of one to two pounds per week.  Losing a little extra weight in the first few weeks is acceptable. This is normally water weight.

The dieter needs to remember that he did not gain these pounds overnight. He should not expect to lose them overnight, either.  He can make sure he does this by purchasing a good scale. If he does not have a scale, he may have access to one at his local gym. As long as he can reliably track his weight, he can stay motivated. If someone gains a few pounds now and then, he should not be discouraged. A person’s weight can vary during the day.