What You Should Know Before You Buy Testosterone Pills

The body is a complicated system consisting of enzymes, hormones, muscles, bones, glands, organs and many other components that work together to ensure the body functions optimally. Testosterone is a sex hormone that is produced in the testicles. It is responsible for a variety of things, including development of male sexual characteristics, such as hair growth in the pubic area, maturity of the male reproductive organ, strengthening of bones and increase in muscle mass. Production usually starts at around puberty, but may start declining at around age 30 years. That is why many middle-aged men often require testosterone replacement. It is important to note, however, that use of synthetically-produced testosterone has many adverse effects.

Who Should Use Testosterone

Women should not use testosterone as it can lead to virilization. Unless you are a women who is comfortable having a deep voice, a man-like physique and an enlarged clitoris, you should stay away from testosterone supplements and other steroids. If you have prostate cancer, liver disease, diabetes, enlarged prostate, kidney disease, breast cancer, a heart condition, high cholesterol or heart disease, you should avoid using testosterone. It should be used under doctor’s supervision for medical treatment. If you want to use it for recreational purposes, you should be a healthy adult who is fully aware of the potential side effects and knows how to properly use the testosterone supplement. Before you Order testosterone pills online, you may want to do some research to find online shops that sell the best testosterone supplements. Read online reviews, testimonials and pick the most trusted brands that have a proven track record. This is the only way to ensure you find the best testosterone pills to use. You can also find testosterone for sale locally, but you should do your shopping online because of anonymity and the wide range of products you can choose from – buy testosterone – review.

When to Use Testosterone

Testosterone use is only recommended for medical reasons. For instance, doctors normally prescribe it to patients with a severely-low testosterone level. Doctors also prescribe testosterone to patients who have hormonal imbalances. While natural production of testosterone is supposed to start at around puberty, there are some people who often experience delayed puberty, so they many not have any testosterone in theirĀ  body. To ensure that these people can live a healthy life in adulthood, doctors usually prescribe testosterone for treatment of this condition.

Side Effects of Testosterone Use

There are many potential side effects of testosterone. They include; breast swelling, nausea, acne, numbness or tingly feeling, headache, anxiety, enlarged clitoris, hoarse or deepened voice, liver problems, signs of blood clotting, high calcium levels, impotence and painful urination. Some of these adverse effects can only be experienced by women, while others are only experienced by men.